Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I found myself today...

So, I've finally been able to slow down for a few moments today to think back on the past two years. TWO YEARS?!?! That's crazy, I feel like just yesterday that I walked across the stage at Barnhill Arena to receive my high school diploma still having no clue where I was headed next.

Well, here I am two years later, sitting in my room at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas wondering what happened to the kid that showed up on this campus in the Fall of 2008. That kid was shy, never spoke, and wondered if he would ever find friends here besides the people he knew from high school.

Looking back, I see where it all got it's jump start. There are actually two things that "got the ball rolling" so to speak...

The first one being this great guy who was always friendly and genuinely cared about my experience here at Tech. He happened to be the Resident Director of my building. Anytime I saw him he would stop and visit for a minute no matter what he was doing. Through our conversations we both realized we had a desire to serve Christ though all that we did. Later that semester he came back to me to ask me to apply to be an RA for the Spring 2009 semester. I slowly warmed up to the idea and ended up applying. I later found out that I would be working with him as my supervisor. Through my experience with the Office of Residential Life and the full support of my Resident Director I was beginning to discover who I was. Through our weekly meetings he always encouraged me and challenged me with new and sometimes difficult tasks that would push me out of my comfort zone just a little more each week. I honestly can say that I wouldn't be here today without his help.

The second is the AMAZING group of friends that I have found through the BCM. Throughout this year God has placed me around amazing people from the BCM. These are friends who I would be willing to do anything for and know without a doubt that they would do the same for me. We have so much fun when we are together and you never where you will end up hanging out at by the time the night is over. I've gotten to spend time with all of them and never get tired of being around them! God has used each of them in my life so much more than they will ever know. It is great being able to serve Christ with them!

Looking back, each and everyone of these people, through different events have shaped me into the person I am today, and eventhough I fall short daily God is there to pick me up and keep me moving forward.

So basically I guess what I'm trying to say is that WE HAVE AN AMAZING GOD, and even though I don't deserve any of these people in my life, God has blessed me with ALL OF THEM! They will ALL always mean everything to me.